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About Us
Jutee Handicrafts, the leading Jute Jewellery manufacturing organisation in India not very far away from proper Kolkata. Jutee Handicrafts has acquired tremendous enrichment of its activities during last couple of years.

Jutee has setup its main unit at Bashirhat, 24 Pgs. (N), West Bengal and its marketing office at Michael Nagar, Airport,Kolkata.

Jutee is working in the field of jute diversified product since last 16 years to create a new trend in handicrafts market. Jutee has given the proper training and guidance in a mass poor B.P.L. People in regular manner. In a result they are to make aminate themselves and also increase their individual income then they have earned before can. Now they breathe deep air of socio-economic freedom, holding the tight strong hands of Jutee.

In this way Jutee has served a few important points in this socio-economic structure.

No. 1 is this to solve the accute unemployment problem.

No. 2 . is to earn the foreign money by selling completely indigenous products and

No. 3 . as the manufacturing products are made out from raw jute. Wooden, Beads and etc., the jute farmers and the other village-home industries which are associated in the finshed products should be highly benefitted by and large.

No. 4 . To keep balance in the environment as the ingradients used are eco-friendly and bio-degradable.

Jutee has set up its new unit for manufacturing various types of Jute bags at Doharia, Ganganagar, Madhyamgram and also working on a lot of jute decor items i.e. jute flower, jute wall hanging etc. to improve the overall trend in jute decor products.but it's a long way to go. Jutee has to be legend in this field.This step of Jutee is firm, backed by these people of the soil-the life force of India.

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